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The energy of Unconditional Love!
The frequency level on the planet is raising and must keep going to reach higher levels.  It’s easy to contribute to this beautiful vibration and how so? Simply say thank you with your heart, think about and write or recite all that you are grateful for. Think about the people you love and smile in your heart. Stop and look at the trees, the birds, the animals, Mother Nature and send Love to them by projecting it from your heart. Living in this frequency may take time to become a habit and you can do it. One other way to do this is to look at the big picture. Little things that people do or say, if you feel bothered or worried, send these feelings to Creator light for that beautiful energy to transform them into their highest and best! You will feel better instantly! Beautiful things will happen to you, beautiful people will be put in your path to help you continue living in a positive and loving way! We reap what we sow, so sow Love!   
When we say that the Universe places the right people on our path at the right time, I totally agree with this. I have had the honor to meet a beautiful human/light/pleiadian/ being who channels the Galactic Council. Many questions were answered and I am so grateful for this miraculous encounter. The following message was channeled and sent to me, as well as others, very early this morning. Encouraged to share it with you all, here it is.
In Love and Light always! Share - Share - Share!
Dear Child of Light,
We wish to congratulate you on your planetary mission thus far.
You have been healing and spreading light since you took your first steps on this planet and when you heard The Call, you followed the Path that you knew was Yours from the beginning.
Another stage of the Journey is Beginning. Light Workers and Ascended Masters are being called upon now to hold the Light of Creation more than ever before to assist in the Ascension of the Human Race and to assist The Great Mother in her transition to another dimension and beyond.
Humanity is grateful for all the Love and Light that you have held and embodied and Gaia is Now Ready to Shift. It Is TIME.
Unlock ALL your Gifts Now. Use every part of Your Self, in past, present and future TimeLines to draw strength and knowledge and more Light. You must EXPAND with as much LIGHT AND KNOWING as POSSIBLE.
The great changes are upon US.
Not all are ready for the Great Shift but there are those who ARE and THEY NEED YOUR HELP.
Do not worry about the little ones who are not ready Dear Ones. They are very taken care of in another way and wish to THANK YOU for your SERVICE in their EXPANSION OF KNOWING.
We wish to tell you that YOUR WORK has been felt and heard throughout the Galaxy and the Multi-Verse.
All are holding the Light and doing the same as you and wish to extend their hands in Oneness to ALL OF YOU.


<![CDATA[Connecting to Creator of All That Is...]]>Wed, 22 Mar 2017 19:35:52 GMThttps://tribesoul.com/notebook/connecting-to-creator-of-all-that-isSpring is here already!
At home, there is still a lot of snow from the last storm but every morning I hear new bird songs from those that arrived about a week ago or so. Here's hoping that with spring the temperature will climb quickly. It's the season when everything seems to wake up; a metamorphosis, a renewal. The sun warms me both inside and out and I can not wait to get my hands in the ground, to pick the young shoots of herbs for my spring salad!

Like nature, us human beings can easily awake and revitalize ourselves by connecting to Mother Earth and the energy of the Creator (or Divine) simultaneously.

Close your eyes, center yourself in your heart and breathe in deeply. Every time you exhale visualize that your breath evacuates your toxins and your worries. Relax. Inhale deeply and visualize the crystal energy coming from the heart of Mother Earth, it's entering your body through the sole of your feet and going up gently through each of our chakras right to the top of your head where the energy forms a beautiful ball of light. As you breathe in deeply, bring your consciousness into this beautiful ball and gently go up to the sky, passing through several layers of bright lights and dark lights. You come to a layer of gelatinous or jelly-like light in the colors of a rainbow; these are the Laws of the Universe. Head towards the pink color light as this is the Law of Compassion. Breathe in deeply and pass through this layer to arrive to a portal like a door or a window. Go through the portal and see this beautiful bright pearly white light. You are in the Seventh Plane of existence. There is no one, no noise, only a feeling of absolute peace. You feel what it is to just "Be". You are One with the energy of the Creator of All That Is. This energy is Unconditional Love. Breathe in deeply. Using your consciousness, visualize that you take a handful of this beautiful energy to bring with you. Place it in your heart with intentions of physical healing, love, joy and inner peace. Thank Creator, breathe in deeply and gently come all the way back by going through all the layers of light. Once you are back, open your eyes slowly. Feel the new vibrations of your body ...

Practice this meditation every day or as often as possible.
You will feel the benefits. With ThetaHealing® this is how practitioners connect in theta to ask the Creator of All That Is the necessary
information to get to the origin of the program or issue to be healed.

The ThetaHealing® technique is really cool! Everything can be healed: the soul, mind and body, on the spiritual and physical level. Healing is spontaneous and permanent. Individual sessions are available by phone or Skype. Click here for more details.

For those who wish to learn this amazing healing modality, courses are listed under Seminars.
I travel to your area to give classes. I sincerely believe that all of us can learn and practice the ThetaHealing technique. If you wish to host a class in your area, please contact me for more information.

With Love and Light...